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About Senior Life

About Legacy Assurance

About Legacy Assurance


Senior Life has been around since 1970 and specialize in Final Expense Insurance for all ages. But Senior Life knew that all Life Insurance companies do the same thing. Senior Life knows that at the time of one’s passing that there are 2 burdens that are incurred; 

There is the financial burden, which all insurance companies are set up to handle, and the emotional burden, which no insurance company is set up to handle and that is where the funeral homes use the emotional burden to increase the financial burden. 

As a way to set ourselves apart, Senior Life address's both burdens of ones funeral. 

So they formed a company called Legacy which specialized is Funeral Planning and Negotiating for our clients needs.

About Legacy Assurance

About Legacy Assurance

About Legacy Assurance


Legacy Assurance is a group of caring individuals who help you plan your final wishes so when the time comes, we can help your family negotiate the lowest prices at your local funeral homes; and, by using your final wish selections we assist them as they purchase your funeral merchandise. 

Legacy Assurance is owned 100% by Senior Life, is operated out of the same office as Senior Life and only available to Senior Life clients. 

And because you will be a member with Senior Life, Legacy allows you to pre-plan your funeral without prepaying, locking in the price of your products for life, at a cheaper rate than today’s rate through any funeral home. 

Then they make all the planning phone calls to your selected funeral home allowing your family the time they need.  


How Legacy Works

Legacy works in a 2-pronged system. The first being they negotiate the price of services and the second being they negotiation the price of productions. The first thing Legacy does is to help plan your Final Wishes. They want to know what type of service your interested in, what funeral home(s) you would like and what type of products you want. As an example, let’s say you want to have a burial, you want to use Johns Funeral Home and you want a black casket. Instead of your beneficiary talking to the funeral director, going back and forth with them and being asked, “How much do you love your Mom or Dad, a $6,000 casket or a $10,000 Casket?” to sell higher priced merchandise and services under duress, Legacy is going to call every funeral home in direct competition with Johns Funeral Home to negotiate their prices before calling Johns Funeral Home. When they call the funeral home for your choice, they say “The client would really like to go with you, but you want to charge them $7,000 for services and your direct competition wants to charge them $4,000. Drop the Price of your services and they can choose you.” The next step on the same call is to negotiate the price of your products using Legacy’s selection of locked in products. “The client would like to go with your black casket, but your charging $3,500 when she can get the same casket for $1,500 elsewhere. Drop the price of your casket or she will go elsewhere”. In today's market, Legacy will save our clients 40% off the average price of a funeral equating to a savings of roughly $4,000.  


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